New Contractor License Bond Market

Save Money On Your Contractor BondGreat news for contractors facing high Contractor License Bond premiums. Contractors have been struggling through a difficult economy and are now faced with a new obstacle, a tightening market for contractor surety bonds. Credit scores for many small contractors have plumeted through the sustained real estate slump, so obtaining a license bond has become increasingly difficult.

We are excited to announce a fantastic new contractor license bond market available to our contractor clients in California, Oregon and Washington. This new bond market is focused on Contractor License Bonds and Bonds Of Qualifying Individual. This new bond market is underwritten by an A IX rated carrier, has instant issue options available, and features an easy-to-use streamlined application process. This means you can get your license bond fast and at a great price.

We are having tremendous success placing our contractors in this new market. This bond market is able to write accounts with less-than-perfet credit at lower rates than most or our other markets. Your contractor license bond premium is determined by the type of contractor you are, the state in which you are licensed and your credit history. We are finding that this new market is a great help to contractors with borderline credit scores. We are seeing really good rates on contractor license bonds for almost all credit situations.

Don’t let your financial situation keep you from getting the best rate on your contractor license bond. Call us toll free at 866.376.2510 or start your quote online, and find out how this great new contractor bond market can help you.