Contractor Bonds

Contractors Bonds

There are several types of surety bonds specifically designed for contractors. Contractor bonds are used in most construction projects from beginning to end. We specialize is two main categories of contractor surety bonds, License Bonds and Contract Bonds and we will find the best contractor bond for you.


License Bonds

Contractor License Bonds
Most states require contractors to carry a contractor license bond to keep their license active. Contractor license bonds were created to ensure that contractors operate in compliance with the local laws and statutes of the state in which they work.
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Contract Bonds

Bid Bonds
Bid Bonds are are contractor bonds that guarantee a contractor will honor a bid price on a project. Bid bonds also serve as a guarantee to contractors that they will be issued Performance and Payment bonds if they are awarded a project.
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Payment Bonds
Payment Bonds guarantee that a contractor will pay subcontractors, suppliers and/or workers in the event that the contractor fails to complete a given contract.
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Performance Bonds
Performance Bonds are contractor bonds that guarantee the contractor will complete a project. The project owner is protected against financial if the contractor fails to complete the project to the specifications of the contract.
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